PFsense – XS4ALL config, Subnet and IPV6

Lately I moved from Ziggo (Dutch ISP) to XS4ALL Fiber (Dutch ISP). And whent from 200/20 to 500/500 mbps. I had some trouble setting up the PFsense box itself, until I came accross’s tutorial on XS4ALL on an PFsense box. But when it came to Virtual IP’s the tutorials stopt. So I figured it out, and thougt to make an post how you set it up.

  1. Go to the web interface of PFsene, and login with your username and password.
  2. In the top bar go to “Firewall -> Virtual IP’s”
  3. Click the “+” button
  4. Select “Other”, your “WAN” interface as the interface, Single IP and the first IP in the subnet with an /32 bit subnet mask, and give it an meaningful description.
  5. Give your PFsense box an restart, and don’t forget to make an backup of your config!

Now you can use the Virtual IP in NAT. Make sure you restart your PFsense box, otherwise you can get weird issues with the added ip.

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